DutchLock Adhesives

The DutchLock brand was developed with the fabricator in mind with 20+ years of industry experience in solid surface, fabrication, and manufacturing. DutchLock was designed to…

  • Reduce wasted time and clean up in the seaming process.
  • Simplify the hand-mixing process and reduce the guesswork involved.
  • Embrace technology to improve the quality of matches and the time involved in obtaining a great match between glue and material.
  • Reduce global footprint with recyclable cartridges.

Key Seaming Solutions from DutchLock

  • Color Matching Tools
    • Glue Color Chips – Great for repairs or when the surface color isn’t known.
    • The Directometer – A color muse device connecting to your phone via Bluetooth provides cartridge matches and cross-references for hand-mixing formulas.
    • DutchLock App – Search for color match, formulas for hand mixing and more.
  • Cartridge Glue – two formulas, three cartridge sizes, and hundreds of color matches.
    • Flowable – Traditional seaming adhesive
    • Non-Sag / Dripless – Revolutionary formula designed to reduce waste and clean up… It’s especially great for field seams.
  • Hand Mixing
    • Easy to dispense components – Resin, Pigments and Hardeners
    • Online Formulas for easy-to-mix matching
    • o Starter Kits
  • Substrate Bonder & Rod / Clip Adhesives
  • Seam Tape – So efficient, you’ll wonder why no one thought of this sooner!

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A Revolutionary Seaming System for Hard Surfaces.

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