Functional Hardware

We’re all about creating beautiful products and projects and equally passionate about HOW the products work. We want your clients to enjoy your products for many years to come, and quality hardware is at the heart of creating long-lasting products.

Functional Hardware Solutions

  • Salice – We love Salice Hinges and Undermount Drawer Slides. Made in Italy, Salice is dedicated to creating high-quality functioning hardware.

  • Fulterer – Fulterer’s high-quality standards are tangible in the function and feel of Fulterer slides. Let us know what you’re using now and we’ll send you a sample slide to test.

  • Sugatsune – Sugatsune offers unparalleled quality and ease of installation. We especially love their hinges, catches, lift-systems and Fastmount system.

How can we help you create products that are equally beautiful and functional?

Global Hardware Brands with Excellent Reputations for Quality and Innovation.

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