JSI Cabinetry offers in-demand styles and finishes at affordable prices - Available RTA or Assembled in select markets!


Why JSI?


  • 01 Two Series for various budgets
  • 02 All Plywood boxes
  • 03 Dovetail Drawers
  • 04 Soft-close Comes Standard
  • 05 Available RTA or Assembled
  • 06 Upgraded Hardware Options
  • 07 New! Truffle finish

High-quality home storage and organization systems, we have the right products for every project and budget!



  • 01 Ventilated Wire ~ Fixed
  • 02 FreedomRail~Adjustable
  • 03 Select ~ Built-In
  • 04 Customizable Per Project
  • 05 Multifamily Projects
  • 05 Storage System

At Direct Supply, we’re passionate about our customers and will do everything possible to help them succeed. The Direct Supply team has a wide range of industry experience, from commercial interior design to solid surface fabrication, manufacturing, woodworking, and more.

We genuinely want to be helpful however we can. Let us know your questions, and if we can’t help, we’ll try to point you in the right direction!

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We sell products, but our passion is for those we sell them to.

Let us be your behind-the-scenes design partner. Our team is here to assist industry professionals with support on kitchen and bath projects that range from:

  • Customer Showers with Engineered Panels and Solid Surface – alternates to tile showers that are easy to install, and durable.
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry – cabinetry options that range from good to better to best. We also offer design services and plans for you to present with selections to your clients.

We also offer job site delivery within Michigan and Northern Indiana.

As a behind-the-scenes partner, our goal is to help in ways that keep you focused on what you do best and custom-tailor solutions to meet the diverse needs of our different customers. Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your unique business needs, and we’ll discuss if we can assist!

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Cabinetry, Hardware, Fixtures, and More!

SPARTANPLY White Birch Faced Plywood




  • 01 White Birch Faced Plywood
  • 02 High-quality panels
  • 03 White Birch Faced (Front & Back)- No Patches!
  • 04 Homogeneous Shade
  • 05 Perfect for Cabinet boxes, Drawer Boxes & Interior Furniture Parts.
  • 06 Dense Hardwood Core - Heava (rubberwood). A Sustainable and Renewable Resource.

Your individual business needs are unique. One-size solutions do not fit all, and as a service-focused supplier, we’re interested in how we can tailor solutions to your business needs and not the other way around.

Direct Supply offers a range of products to fit different customer needs – from budget-friendly options to labor-saving solutions and unique products.

What unique needs do you have that are a challenge for your current supply chain?

How can your suppliers better support your needs?

We’d love to listen and see if we can help. Contact us.

Your needs are unique. How well does your supply chain meet them?


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Unique Hardware Solutions

We’re seeing an increased trend in multi-functional spaces. Are you?

Both Salice and Sugatsune offer unique hardware solutions to help you maximize the functionality of multi-purpose spaces. Ideal for….

  • Doors that slide, move laterally, hideaway, and more.
  • Work surfaces that lift, drop, or disappear.
  • Cabinet doors that you push to open without exposed hardware.

Contact us to discuss your project and slide through solutions that may be a great fit!

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Are you an existing Direct Supply Customer?

We also LOVE the modern tambour door solution offered by Rehau. Learn More

Hardware perfect for creating multi-functional spaces.

Functional Hardware

We’re all about creating beautiful products and projects and equally passionate about HOW the products work. We want your clients to enjoy your products for many years to come, and quality hardware is at the heart of creating long-lasting products.

Functional Hardware Solutions

  • Salice – We love Salice Hinges and Undermount Drawer Slides. Made in Italy, Salice is dedicated to creating high-quality functioning hardware.

  • Fulterer – Fulterer’s high-quality standards are tangible in the function and feel of Fulterer slides. Let us know what you’re using now and we’ll send you a sample slide to test.

  • Sugatsune – Sugatsune offers unparalleled quality and ease of installation. We especially love their hinges, catches, lift-systems and Fastmount system.

How can we help you create products that are equally beautiful and functional?

Global Hardware Brands with Excellent Reputations for Quality and Innovation.


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**Note - Size (Standard Size: 4’ x 8’)


slatwall orientation
Horizontal orientation is recommended to apply wall and is the least expensive. The grooves run the long direction.
slatwall orientation
Vertical orientation is used to place slatwall in narrower areas and used often for making store fixtures. The grooves run in the short direction.


Half Lap Both Ends

2 half grooves For stacking on both ends

Half Lap One End

One half groove square and one square end for stacking

Flat on Both Ends

Square end on both top and bottom


3" O.C. is our standard groove spacing and will be most economical however multiple space options are available (3" from the center of one groove to the center of the next groove)

slatwall orientation



If other, please specify:


If other, Please specify:


  • Slatwall panels routed to custom shapes
  • Custom margins and spaces
  • Holes drilled in slatwall panels to specifications
  • Edge finishing including edge banding

DutchLock Adhesives

The DutchLock brand was developed with the fabricator in mind with 20+ years of industry experience in solid surface, fabrication, and manufacturing. DutchLock was designed to…

  • Reduce wasted time and clean up in the seaming process.
  • Simplify the hand-mixing process and reduce the guesswork involved.
  • Embrace technology to improve the quality of matches and the time involved in obtaining a great match between glue and material.
  • Reduce global footprint with recyclable cartridges.

Key Seaming Solutions from DutchLock

  • Color Matching Tools
    • Glue Color Chips – Great for repairs or when the surface color isn’t known.
    • The Directometer – A color muse device connecting to your phone via Bluetooth provides cartridge matches and cross-references for hand-mixing formulas.
    • DutchLock App – Search for color match, formulas for hand mixing and more.
  • Cartridge Glue – two formulas, three cartridge sizes, and hundreds of color matches.
    • Flowable – Traditional seaming adhesive
    • Non-Sag / Dripless – Revolutionary formula designed to reduce waste and clean up… It’s especially great for field seams.
  • Hand Mixing
    • Easy to dispense components – Resin, Pigments and Hardeners
    • Online Formulas for easy-to-mix matching
    • o Starter Kits
  • Substrate Bonder & Rod / Clip Adhesives
  • Seam Tape – So efficient, you’ll wonder why no one thought of this sooner!

Learn More About DutchLock

A Revolutionary Seaming System for Hard Surfaces.

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